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** Prices will be adjusted to account for travel time and gas for in-person lessons **

Piano. Guitar. Ukulele. Vocal Lessons (Digital)


30 min = $40

45 min = $50

60 min = $60 


Payment Options


Zelle, Paypal, Venmo


Tools Needed

  • Instruments/microphone/music stands all depend on the level and need of each student. Please feel free to talk to me about recommendations.

  • Printer

  • 3 ring binder to hold sheet music.

  • 3 hole puncher. Preferably a separate one for students specifically will help build responsibility for keeping binder organized. Click here to see what I use.

Zoom Lesson Requirements

  • A laptop, or tablet is preferred but a cell phone will work if that is all that is available. Make sure devices are charged and ready beforehand. 

  • Make sure during lesson the environment is quiet and interruption free.

  • In order to help avoid internet delays during lesson please have household refrain from any major internet use (streaming services such as Netflix/Youtube or online gaming).

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